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About Us



The Feed Ingredients and Additives Association of Australia is the peak national body representing the Australian animal feed additive and ingredient importers, resellers and manufacturers. FIAAA seeks to provide leadership to the Australian animal feed ingredient and additive industry in the development of sustainable products for the production of safe feed for food.


FIAAA membership represents over 70% of Australian importers, resellers and manufacturers of animal feed ingredients and additives.


The FIAAA provides:

  • Advocacy: The FIAAA actively advocates for the health of livestock and people, enabled by quality-assured, safe feed ingredients and additives.

  • Representation: The FIAAA provides a unified voice and leadership. On behalf of members we work with governments, regulators and other stakeholders with similar recognition of the fundamental position of Feed Ingredients and Additives in the food chain.

  • Monitoring and input to the development of policies, legislation and regulations impacting our members and the goals of the FIAAA.

  • Management of FAMIqs: The FIAAA manages FAMIqs in Australia and the Pacific Region 


Our Undertaking
The FIAAA advocates and promotes the safe use of feed ingredients and additives.


The intention is to ensure a high level of assurance that the feed will neither cause harm to the farm animals when prepared or consumed, nor to the final consumer.


This assurance of quality facilitates domestic and international trade in our industry’s products, and in agricultural and food commodities as a whole..


Feed ingredients and additives have an important role in animal welfare, and in feeding a growing world population with less resources. Protecting the feed ingredients and additives industry is therefore paramount and could not be achieved without certification of suppliers to FAMIqs.​



The feed ingredients and additives sector of Australian agriculture provides products that are key to the productivity, sustainability and security of the nation’s food supply.

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What are Additives and Ingredients?

 Feed ingredients are nutritive component parts or constituents of any combination or mixture making up a feed. They may be of plant or animal (including aquatic) origin or other organic or inorganic substances.


Feed additives are intentionally added components of feed not normally consumed as a feed ingredient, which affect the characteristics of feed or animals fed with it. It includes a pre-mix which consists only of feed additive components, micro-organisms, enzymes, phytobiotics, acidity regulators, trace elements, vitamins, preservatives, colouring agents, binders, dust suppressants, carriers, flavours and other products.

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