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Don't get caught out!

FIAAA Members comply with the FAMIqs Code.

They are subject to regular rigorous third-party audits to ensure compliance.  Only Certified Members may use the very recognisable FIAAA logo.

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Stewardship for the Good of the Food Chain

The FIAAA Code of Practice has an important role in the stewardship endeavours of our members. It is recognised that certification to the Code gives assurance of the quality of our members’ products.


Everyone involved in the supply-chain and consumption of feed ingredients benefit from the quality and safety assurance delivered by FAMIqs.


Certification of feed ingredient and additive suppliers to FAMIqs gives assurance to:

  • stockfeed manufacturers,

  • livestock producers,

  • food manufacturers,

  • retailers, and

  • food consumers in the general public.


Achieving Quality Assurance

FAMIqs is based on international best practice (e.g. GMP, HACCP & ISO standards). It succeeds through insistence on:

  • Management responsibility & compliance with AgVet regulations

  • Resource management & traceability of supply

  • Product and component standards

  • Quality document systems

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